Japanese Symbols Explained
Japanese symbols
By: Anthony Roxter

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Japanese Symbols as Body Art

Due to the popularity of body art many art lovers have tried to ink the Japanese tattoo symbols in their body. During the early years, when you are in Japan, you would have tattoos of the people you would think that are linked to Yakuza, which is recognized to be a gang of notorious Japanese criminals. Happily, over time the connotation between these japanase symbol tattoos and and criminal orginizations have faded and the japanese symbols themselves are seen for their attractiveness and artistic expression. Currently, tattoo artists as well as tattoo lovers appreciate these beautiful symbols and as such symbolize a very genuine and mystical illustration of fine art..

Examples of Choice Japanese Symbols

1. Koi Fish - Because of the beauty of the fish alone along with it's symbolic meanings, the Koi fish is a incredibly trendy tattoo choice. Even in Japan, when going to temples you may observe the Koi fish represented at nearly each and every one of them. This is because the fish signifies strong determination that is very important to the populace of Japan. Courage is another key value in the Japanese culture and this is represented by the Koi fish also.

Placement of the Koi fish as a tattoo tends to vary somewhat between men and girls with men usually opting for the work to be done on their arm, shoulders, back or calves. Some inked this symbol in complete sleeve designs while others choose the larger koi tattoos. On the other hand, women prefer to ink the tattoo on their arms, stomach areas and hips. The nice thing about this symbol is that the dye harmonizes with any skin tone.

2. Cherry Blossoms - This flower symbolizes life and is comparable to beauty. The key characteristic of cherry blossoms that makes it an influential symbol is its capability to flourish in any climate condition although it is also sensitive. In this sense, it implies that living life to the fullest is extremely imperative for us to appreciate the beauty of life.

3. Hannya Masks - This mask has a demonic look that was originated in Japan's Kabuki stage play. It symbolizes jealous and hatred but Japanese thought that inking this symbol onto their skin would bring about good luck and keep away evil spirits.

Before you decide to pick any Japanese tattoo symbols make sure to identify first its meaning as well as what it represents. In this way you will be confident to display your body art without worrying if anyone asks you what its significance is. Additionally, you should also keep in mind that this tattoo will reflect your character and it serves as self interpretation.

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